Stralsund +49 3831 28 96 40 Surface preparation Material from 4 mm thickness and  up is shotblasted according to ISO/EN12944 Part 4. The degree of descaling is  SA 2,5 according to ISO/EN8501-1. Coating Our automated roller conveyor blasting machines create a spherical calotte surface profile with 40-60 µm Rz roughness. This profile provides optimum adhesion of coatings (red zinc phosphate or zinc silicate). Thickness of coatings is 15 - 25 µm. Environmentally friendly The solvents in our proven 2-component primers are incinerated in an environmentally-friendly thermal oxidiser. Coating Our customers more and more demand the zinc silicate coating as a cathodic corrosion protection, because it offers a very long time corrosion protection, very good welding characteristics with about only 3 mm welding fire and it can be excellently treated with all subsequent paintings and fire protection colors. Quality assurance Precise processing settings through our experienced team. Continuous monitoring of blasting and conservation quality. Continuous measurements of the ink layer by electronic measuring equipment. Traceable lot management of the processed colors. IMO-tests for the underwater areas in shipbuilding. Speed Fast processing with modern equipment. processing plates processing plates and other materials processing plates marking a plate with an ink jet printer